Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Can the Library Do For You

       What can the library do for you?

     Sandra Chesshir, District Librarian

See me when you:

Have a seed of an idea

Need library orientation for your classes

Need instruction using TexQuest

Need curriculum support materials

Need to sign up for library time to check out books

Need to sign up for library time to do research

Need help teaching how to use primary sources

Need to know how to do a “mini” research project

Have a recommendation for purchases

Need a different outlook on a subject

Need clarification of copyright laws

Need help explaining plagiarism

Need help finding UIL Prose and Poetry selections

Need book talks tailored to your unit of study

Need to find personal and/or professional materials

Need a great book

Need to talk about books

Need to share an infectious enthusiasm for learning!!!


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